Top 5 Literature Genres

How can anyone decide the best genre? There is no way to do that, however, we always can define which genre is the most popular among the audience. Not being in the top 5 of the most popular literature genres doesn’t mean that the genre is bad, it just means that currently there is no author that has attracted readers to it – as since the beginning of writing the popularity of genres has changed and it always happened because of the talented authors who managed to call interest. Below you can see the genres that have gained a lot of popularity nowadays.


It is really number 1 which is not surprising as it opens a large amount of possibilities for authors – fantasy genre could include all other genres in any decorations (Medieval, Antique, Cyberpunk, Space Operas). Some authors use this genres only as a decoration – for example writing psychological thriller whether there are sorcerer’s, elves and dwarfs – in such a case there are many supernatural elements in the book, however, those are only decorations for the real story.

While others concentrate on creating new worlds which then become so popular – like the world of Middle-Earth made up by Tolkien more than 50 years ago which is still a setting for role games, movies and video games.


True detective is the story with a riddle – a mystery that has to be solved and in a good detective the reader is trying to solve the mystery along with the main character (however, it depends on the personality of the character – whether he is the positive or negative one).

After Agatha Christie and A. Conan Doyle the genre did not die and today there are many famous writers in the genre of detective that maintain its popularity and write new interesting stories.


Romance Novels

Well-written love story is always being in high demand. It is hard to find a book in any genre which doesn’t have a love story – it became a necessary attribute for any piece of literature published. And it is not surprising that love stories itself are popular as well.

From the times when the classics have written immortal masterpieces till today this genre still collects millions of readers from all other the world.

Historical Novels

Placing a modern character in the Medieval setting or just describing and interesting story that took place somewhere in the X century of our era – this is what historical novels are about. The stories could tell us about love, war or human relationships – the only main thing that remains – the setting. The story always takes place in the past.


This genre will never die after The Count of Monte Cristo was published. Since there are still writers that are capable of making up interesting stories about the adventures of regular people, or those meant to be heroes – there always will be people reading these books.