How to Publish Your Book?

If you want to become a famous writer but feel uncertain how to start, you are not alone. Writing seems like a mysterious art, even to those who are practicing it. So, if you’re starting from nowhere, it may take some work to convince yourself you can do it and then to publish it, whis is another tough task.There are several ways for you to make your book available for readers and below you’ll find the list.

How to Cover Initial Investments?

Sometimes you have to invest in publishing to see your book on the shelves of the book stores and sometimes not. You need at least some funds till you write the book anyway. The publishing can be free for you or cost a significant sum. However, usually, it is enough for you to take a personal loan to cover all expenditures for publishing.

Way 1: Find a Manager

If you think your talent is unquestionable it is better to find someone who will promote it in order to leave all the business-related issues aboard. So, you need to find a manager – someone who will negotiate the terms with publishing agencies, advertisers and etc. Manager could be an independent agent or a representative of a company – that doesn’t really matter. And the costs of the services makes usually a share from your reward (10-15%).


Way 2: Find a Publisher

Dealing directly with a publisher can be a harsh task. There are many stories about writers that had to visit several agencies, make hundreds of calls and face refusals before the correct publisher was found. And this is what is waiting for you if you choose this way – that doesn’t mean you are obligated to fail or win. Just consider the fact that the publisher can be not fond of the book written by you.

Way 3: Crowdfunding

This is a new way to fund book publishing. This kind of finding initial investments for any projects became popular due to the fact you can ask for the funds in advance promising that some kind of product would be available in a specified period if the founders will be able to collect the needed sum.

However, it would be hard to collect the funds for a book – only if you have published very attractive and viral beginning or if you have an online community ought to read your content.

Way 4: Direct Sales

You can just sell your ebook without printing it – you only need to contact ebook publishers or do it on your own on your website or any other resource that deals with such books. It is a good way to avoid the intermediaries however, your rights on the content won’t be protected properly and there is no guarantee your book won’t be copied for illegal libraries.

Way 5: Run a Blog

This is a way to create a community of fans already impressed by the content you produce. After you become some kind famous with a specified amount of subscribers any option from the listed above would be easier to perform – as you already have loyal audience.