How to Work with Online Publishers

When you have written a book there is no straight and ordinary way to choose if you want to sell it. There are many options to choose:

  • find the  publisher
  • find the manager
  • conduct direct sales

And one of the options that is not always being considered properly is to find an online publisher to cooperate with. What does it mean?

It means that you find an organizations that helps you to manage and start online sales of the ebook version of your book (which is usually the only version you have if you do not use typing machine to write a book).

Why to Collaborate with Online Publishers?

There are several reasons why you need to collaborate with online publishers:

  • well-developed distribution channels
  • an ability to reach wide audience
  • an ability to defend author’s rights
  • user-friendly services offered

Well-Developed Distribution Channels

Online publishers deal with ebooks sales constantly and those are surely interested in increase of your sales, and they can provide it due to the promotion capabilities and agreements with book marketplaces they have. So it would be wise to make a contract with online publisher if you do not want to build distribution channels on your own.


Wide Audience Can Be Reached

We recommend you to use a blogging services. The promotion capabilities of such services are larger than yours ones (if only you are not a famous blogger or celebrity), so using those would be a good tactics to become either famous and rich.

Author’s Rights

Making sure your book is not being copied illegally is a huge problem – and there have to organized a special department to do that. Online publishers are capable of offering such services so that you won’t lose income due to piracy.

User-Friendly Services Offered

When contracting with online publisher you get convenient tools to format your book and observe the metrics. This is what you cannot provide on your own and an additional reason to deal with online publishers.

How to Choose an Online Publisher?

the services online publishers offer are relatively the same, however, you may be interested in getting a list of the most famous and reputable of them;

  • Kobo
  • Amazon KDP
  • Smashwords
  • Blurb


All of the publishers listed above are worth considering and all you need to do to make an agreement with those is contact them. It is much recommended to consider the Amazon KDP at first as you will instantly get an access to the widest audience ever seen – as millions of Americans make purchases on Amazon on the daily basis. However, you won’t get such an attention as in the small agency as Amazon-based publisher company is more about the software tool for book publishing.